Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Glitter Gal Off Your Rocker, Galaxy Holo Topcoat & Gloss Boss - Swatches & Review!

Hi guys! Today's post is featuring some new beauties from Glitter Gal!
Including an absolutely gorgeous holographic topcoat!

Glitter Gal Off Your Rocker
Off Your Rocker - Three thin coats.

Off Your Rocker is a pretty pink cream polish, sort of like a cross between a cream and a jelly.
"a famous Australian saying for “You are Crazy!”

Glitter Gal Galaxy Topcoat (3)
Glitter Gal Galaxy Topcoat (2) Glitter Gal Galaxy Holo Topcoat (2)

Glitter Gal Galaxy Topcoat (1)
Galaxy Holo Topcoat - Two coats over A England Camelot.

"an intense multi-coloured sparkle with a holographic prism when viewed under light.  
An absolutely beautiful twinkle."
Glitter Gal Galaxy Holo Topcoat (1) Glitter Gal Gloss Boss
One coat of the Galaxy Holo Topcoat over Off Your Rocker, topped with Gloss Boss.

Gloss Boss

"is the ultimate colour enhancer with a gel like, super glossy finish.  
Can be applied over Glitter Gal's entire polish collections, even holographics.  
If applying to holographics, wait 2 minutes for the holographic effect to be enhanced."

Off Your Rocker seemed more jelly than your typical cream polish and applied really nicely.
It was too sheer with two coats for me but two may work with thicker coats.
It's more color accurate in the first picture, the last picture looks a little lighter than it is in person.

I used one coat of the Galaxy Holo Topcoat over Off Your Rocker and two coats over Camelot.
Application was perfect, smooth and distributed evenly. I meant to get a video before I removed it because it's very sparkly! I'll have to wear it again soon :)

Gloss Boss is a new topcoat from Glitter Gal and it seems really nice so far!
It's not as thick as Seche Vite but not thin either. So it could also be used for glitters.
It dried pretty fast for me, a tiny bit faster than Kbshimmer's. (I compared with her's since it's one of my favorites!)
I used the Gloss Boss Topcoat for all the polishes in this post!

* I forgot to mention, I did wear a snowflake manicure for three days with the Gloss Boss topcoat on

I wasn't setting out to test it but I really loved the manicure (You will see it today or tomorrow!)
And couldn't take it off! It was too pretty :)
 In those three days I have absolutely no chips and very minor tip wear.

Glitter Gal polishes are available from the Glitter Gal website here.
The topcoats cost $11.95 for 10mL, and Off your Rocker costs $9.95 for 10mL.

You can also purchase Glitter Gal from various other stockists, see them here.

Be sure to follow Glitter Gal on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Glitter Gal Galaxy Topcoat Macro (2)
Also enjoy this pretty macro of the Galaxy Topcoat! *SWOON*


  1. So pretty! I looooove Off Your Rocker! <3

  2. These are so lovely! I adore Glitter Gal ;) Beautiful <3

  3. The Galaxy top coat looks gorgeous over both shades!

  4. Oh, my. Off Your Rocker is beyond perfect for me. I think I'm going to just send off all my money to Glitter Gal soon!

  5. Thanks So much you really captured the holographic finish-we love it, from Kerry and Anna Glitter Gal Australia

  6. so that galaxy top coat... amazingly gorgeous!


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