Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 13 Favorite Mani's of 2013!

Hi guys! Happy New Years Eve! Sorry I'm so late to getting to my 2013 Favorites posts!
Today's post is my 13 Favorite Manicures from this year!

My Top 13 for Indies and Mainstream polishes will be up soon, so be on the look out!
Those will likely go up after New Years though! :)

There is a link below each photo to see each post and all the products I used!
Here they are in order of most recent to oldest!

13 Fav Mani's of 2013

Black French Manicure
Black Halfmoon French

Breaking Bad Nailart (1)
Breaking Bad Nail Art

Waterfall Mani
Waterfall Mani

Neon Watermarble (1)
Neon Watermarble

piCture pOlish Blogfest 2013 Nail Art (1)
Blogfest 2013

Portal Nails
Portal Nail Art

Enchanted Polish Seven Nation Army (2)
Seven Nation Army Gradient

Felicia Day Nail Art (3)
Felicia Day Nail Art

Elevation Polish Uluru Stamped (3)
Uluru Rose Stamping

Zoya Stunning Watercolor Mani (2)
Zoya Stunning Watercolor

Tribal Nail Art Matte
Barielle Brilliant Tribal

Nerd Lacquer The Ring over Ninja Polish Divinity (4)
Nerd Lacquer Divine Gradient

Floambre (1)

I definitely need to do more nail art next year! I really love some of the mani's I did this year!
Which is/are your Favorite(s)?

The Nerd Lacquer and Ninja Polish Divinity combo is still one of my favorite combinations of all time :)


  1. These are all so gorgeous!! Congrats on such a great nail art year! I have a special soft spot for the Breaking Bad mani, but the Waterfall is pretty divine ;) Can't wait to see your end-of-the-year posts whenever they're ready -- and Happy New Year!!

  2. These are all super fun, but your neon watermarble is to die for! Happy New Year :)

  3. I love a lot of these manis. My favorites are the waterfall and neon watermarble. All of them are gorgeous though!

  4. I understand why you do less than you do, but i still treasure it when you do x

  5. I want to steal your nails in the least creep way possible. Gorgeous job! xx

  6. Great choices! That neon watermarble.....<3

  7. OMG I love aaaaall your designs but the waterfall mani is my favourite of this selection :)
    What a gorgeous nail-year!

  8. Half moon french and the black roses on red are my fav. Amazing nail art :)


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