Saturday, December 14, 2013

Zoya Naturel - Swatches & Review

Hi guys! Today's post is the new Zoya Naturel Collection!
It's really funny when I think back a couple of years ago, I thought that nudes and neutrals were super boring.
But now I really love them! In fact I was so excited for this collection when I saw it!

They are pretty on their own or with a little glitter or shimmer on top, great for nail art, etc
I really want to do a pretty silver or gold glitter gradient on Taylor.

If you don't have any neutrals but want to try them out, Zoya makes some of my favorites.
 And this would be a wonderful starter set!

Zoya Chantal
Chantal Three thin coats.

"a delicious full-coverage, French Vanilla cream."

Zoya Taylor
TaylorThree thin coats.

"a  full-coverage, light toffee cream."

Zoya Rue
RueThree thin coats.

"a full-coverage, boudoir blush cream."

Zoya Brigitte
Brigitte Three thin coats.

"a full-coverage, bombshell mauve cream."

Zoya Odette
Odette Three thin coats.

"a full-coverage, sultry orchid maroon cream."

Zoya Normani
Normani Three thin coats.

"a full-coverage, sable mauve cream."

I've said this many times but I use thin coats, I think thinner than average. Just how I prefer to polish :)
So I used three coats for all of these polishes, but I think that you could get away with many of these with two coats.

I really love this collection and the formulas went on smooth for me. 
The lighter shades were a tiny streaky at first but leveled out perfectly for me.

I have seen these on many bloggers so far and they seem to be very flattering on a big array of skin tones.

I as quite surprised that they all looked good on me!

My favorites (though I love them all!) are Taylor, Brigitte, and Odette!

This collection is available as a whole for $54 or you can purchase each separately for $9.00 each.

You can purchase them from the Zoya website here!

Be sure to stay up to date with Zoya through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Zoya Naturel (1)

What are your thoughts on this collection? Planning to buy it or pass?

Is anybody else like me who grew to love neutral polishes?

If my nail polish addiction has taught me anything it was to love and appreciate all colors!


  1. I adore this collection, great swatches.

  2. I have been loving these, but I was honestly waiting to see them on you and they are so, so pretty. My skin tone is similar to yours, which really helps visualize the neutrals.

    1. Awe! That makes me so happy :D
      Pale girls unite! hehe :)

      I'm still surprised they all look so well! I can be picky with nude and neutrals

  3. I love all of these HARD! Plus, you make them look dreamy. :)

  4. Chantal is the kind of nude shade everygirl should own. It looks incredible on you, creamy and glossy!

  5. OUTSTANDING swatches! And you're right...these are perfect with glitter or nail art over top!

  6. Odette looks fantastic! I'm starting to love neutrals too, especially with some glitter on top :)

  7. you are KILLING me with these swatches!! I can't wait to get Odette. I'm hoping that Zoya will do the 3 free promo after the 1st of the year.

    1. I remember doing the first 3 Free promo that introduced me to the brand - I was instantly hooked!
      They do it every year I believe!


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