Monday, February 24, 2014

Butter London Boho Rock Collection Swatches - Goss and Keen

Hi guys! Today I have two polishes from the recent Butter London Boho Rock Collection to show you.
These two shades are gorgeous and extremely wearable, I hope you guy enjoy the swatches!

Butter London Goss
Goss - Two coats.

Goss is an elegant rose gold metallic foil polish.

The formula on Goss wasn't bad, you have to apply slowly and smoothly in order to avoid brushstrokes.
I really love it and I can't wait to try it with stamping plates! I don't have another rose gold metallic in my collection.

Butter London Keen
Keen - Three coats.

Keen is a really pretty delicate peach creme polish.

Keen applied good, it was a little streaky but nothing difficult.
It's a really nice peachy nude polish and I really liked it on me!


Neither of these shades are particularly unique or mind blowing but I love them together.
So much gorgeous potential nail art there! They just pair perfectly!
I did do a tape manicure with these that looked wonderful in person but it didn't photograph as nicely :(
I will have to try it again with Keen as the base instead of Goss.

Butter London is available for purchase from for $15.00 each.
You can also purchase Butter London products from Ulta, and Nordstrom along with other retailers.

Stay up to date with Butter London via their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Butter London Boho Rock

Do either of these shades stand out to you? What kind of nail art would you do with them?


  1. I think these shades are perfect for spring and they look beautiful on you!

  2. Both of these are gorgeous! Great swatches!

  3. Both are amazing shades. With the Keen polish I would do some vintage nails, I think it would be a suitable color!

  4. Both of them are very pretty indeed! I'm super impressed at how smooth you got the metallic one :-)

  5. Oooh girl! Goss needs to be mine IMMEDIATELY! :D

  6. Oh goodness, how did you get Goss so smooth! It is gorgeous on you. And I have been having a peach moment lately, loving them, so I really like Keen also. Two very, very nice polishes that you presented so well.


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