Wednesday, February 12, 2014

GlitterDaze LE Birthday Duo - Swatches & Review!

Hi all! Today's post is a Limited Edition Duo from GlitterDaze to celebrate their two year anniversary!
GlitterDaze is also having a ton of great deals this month that you should check out! Check it out below.


Glitterdaze Terrific Twos
Terrific Twos - Four thin coats.

Terrific Twos is a delicate pastel pink creme.

The formula leaves something to be desired, it wasn't bad but it also wasn't great.
It was pretty streaky and required four thin coats for me.

Glitterdaze Birthday Bow-nanza
Birthday Bow-nanza - One coat over Terrific Twos.

"Birthday Bow-nanza is a clear based glitter topper with pink, white, and holographic gold 
glitters as well as fun shapes including hearts, stars, diamonds, and of course BOWS!"

Formula wise Birthday Bow-nanza is good, the glitters spread on easily
and it doesn't require fishing unless you want a lot of the larger glitters.

Overall I like this duo a lot, the colors go together perfectly!
I was a little disappointed in Terrific Two's formula, but I'm not sure if I received a fluke bottle or not.
The reason I saw that is because Sheila from Pointless Cafe had a different experience.
Her bottle had a great formula and only required 2 coats. But I can only say what my experience was.

GlitterDaze is available for purchase from

This duo sells for $18.00 or you can purchase them separately.
Terrific Twos sells for $10.00 and Birthday Bow-nanza sells for $11.00.
The duo is available until March 7th or until supplies last, so move fast!

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Glitterdaze Birthday Duo

Any plans to take advantage of some of the amazing deals GlitterDaze is offering up this month?
What are your thoughts on this duo?


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