Friday, February 7, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer - Swatches & Review!

Hi guys, Happy Friday! I hope you are all having fun tonight and this weekend!
I'm not really up to much, spending the night at home playing video games and watching some movies!

This evenings post is featuring a indie brand that I've never tried before - Liquid Sky Lacquer!
I hope you guys enjoy this post! Let me know what you are all up to this weekend! 
Liquid Sky Lacquer (3) Liquid Sky Lacquer (2)

Liquid Sky Lacquer Bee Mine, Unplugged (4)
Bee Mine, Unplugged - I layered one coat of Bee Mine, Unplugged over a gradient I did using OPI My Vampire is Buff, Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy, and OPI Hey Baby. (Both are linked to their reviews!)
Aside from the heart glitters this dispersed very nicely onto the nail! I did find that I needed to fish for the hearts. 
Not really a big deal to me but I thought it was worth noting!

"Bee Mine, unplugged is a glitter bomb with yellow, black and pink glitters with large pink hearts. 
This is the same glitter mix as Bee Mine, but without the milky base."

Liquid Sky Lacquer Bee Mine, Unplugged (5)
I added one coat of Butter London Matte Finish on top, LOVE!

Liquid Sky Lacquer Bee Mine Unplugged
Macro :)
Liquid Sky Lacquer Can't Be Tamed
Can't Be Tamed - Two coats.
I'm going to sound like a broken record on this post because all of the holos had a wonderful formula.
They were all super easy to apply! Can't Be Tamed is even more holo and vibrant in person!

"Can't Be Tamed is an extreme bright green holo."

Liquid Sky Lacquer Chocolate Obsession
Chocolate Obsession - Two coats.
Again, Chocolate Obsession had a great formula. This one was a little creamier than the other holos.
I think my topcoat dulled it down a little unfortunately, it is more holo in person. It's rich and gorgeous!

"Chocolate Obsession is a chocolatey brown light holo."

Liquid Sky Lacquer Bee Mine, Unplugged (1)
Here I added one coat of Bee Mine, Unplugged to Chocolate Obsession.

Liquid Sky Lacquer Raspberry Dawn
Raspberry Dawn - Two coats.
Raspberry Dawn is really vivid and gorgeous.. I think the most holo of the bunch!
It has an amazing formula just like the other holos!

"Raspberry Dawn is a bright berry pink extreme holo."

Liquid Sky Lacquer Wink (1)
Liquid Sky Lacquer Wink (2)
Wink ^.~ - Two coats.
Wink is just way to pretty to properly capture! I wish I did a better job at it, but I swear I tried!
You can't tell by the photos..maybe a tiny bit in the bottle shot macro, but it has the prettiest green 
(almost seafoam green) duochrome! It is very apparent in person but hard to capture.

"Wink ^.~ is an extreme bluish green holo."

This was my first experience with Liquid Sky Lacquer and I'm really impressed!
I really don't have anything negative to say at all, they were a pleasure to apply!
The only minor thing is that the hearts in Bee Mine, Unplugged requires some fishing.

I can't get over how perfect it looks over my gradient though!

Liquid Sky Lacquer is a having a restock tomorrow (on the 8th!) at 2pm PST!

Be sure to go follow Liquid Sky Lacquer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Liquid Sky Lacquer (1)

Are you guys thinking of picking any of these, or any other Liquid Sky Lacquer's in tomorrow's restock?
Let me know below! 


  1. I really like Bee Mine, Unplugged. It's a really cute glitter. Also, I'm not usually the biggest fan of brown polishes but Chocolate Obsession is a rich, gorgeous shade.

  2. Some very gorgeous colors here!

  3. Bee Mine, Unplugged looks amazing with the matte topcoat! :-D

  4. Beautiful holos! And Bee Mine - Unplugged over that gradient?!?! Outstanding! :D

  5. Beautiful! Love the glitter over the gradient! :)

  6. Pretty swatches! I like them all. =)


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