Saturday, February 1, 2014

OPI Gwen Stefani Skittle Nail Art

Hi all! Today's post is of a nail art skittle manicure I did using some polishes form the OPI Gwen Stefani collection.
I posted my review & swatches on the blog yesterday, you can check it out here!

You can see a breakdown of what I did to each nail below! Hope you guys like it!

Opi Gwen Stefani Nail Art (1) Opi Gwen Stefani Nail Art (2) Opi Gwen Stefani Nail Art (3)


For this nail I started off with 4 In The Morning, then I added on a large diamond stud from the Over & Over A-Gwen set.

I used a little too much glue and the excess is a little noticeable in the pictures but it wasn't in person.


On this nail I used Love.Angel.Music.Baby. as the base color and using I Sing In Color and Over and Over A-Gwen .

I free-handed the leopard print with a dotting tool.


For this nail I used a nail art brush and Over and Over A-Gwen & 4 In the Morning to do a sort of color block manicure. Then I added six black crystals from the Over and Over A-Gwen set.  It looks a little funky top putting topcoat over it, so I guess maybe you shouldn't topcoat over studs and gems? I don't really use them enough to know these things! : /


The pinky nail has I Sing In Color as the base coat and then I framed it with Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

Then I added a single gold stud again from the Over and Over A-Gwen set!


I think the Over & Over A-Gwen boxed set is a really fun starter kit for those you want to try out nail art with gems and studs! It's a nice way to try out different kinds without having to buy a ton of each without knowing if you'll like them or not.
Not to mention the perfect formula of Over & Over A-Gwen! The Over & Over A-Gwen boxed set retails for $14.95.

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And a completely random side note - I just finished Dexter yesterday. I don't even know how I feel right now D:
Season 8 seemed all over the place, I still love the show though. I stopped watching it a few seasons ago and caught up when I realized that it's on Netflix. What should I watch now?!?? lol Also I can't believe that it's February!


  1. I love the leopard design with gold and red, they look so great together!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! That leopard print is phenomenal, and I cannot wait to use those giant diamond studs on my own nails! Great mani! :D

  3. Hi, I am new on your blog and I am really happy that I found it, because your nails are great and your very talented!
    I love the colors you used for this mani and that leopard design is perfect!

  4. Gorgeous!! Loving the leopard one especially!


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