Friday, March 7, 2014

Pahlish Timeless Flight Collection - Swatches & Review!

Hey guys! Happy Friday!! I can hardly believe it's even March yet and it already feels like it is flying by!
KC Comicon is next weekend! Woot! My sister, BIL and brother are going to head up here to stay with us for it since our place is the closest so we can all go again this year like last. I love my family so much <3
 I'm way too excited to drink with them and play board games, haha.

Anyway today's post is a brand new collection from the talented (and newlywed) Shannon from Pahlish!
Congratulations again Shannon!!

This collection is the 
Timeless Flight Collection, it has six gorgeous holographic polishes inspired by Elton John!

Pahlish Electric Boots
Electric Boots - Two coats.

Electric Boots is a little sheer but it went on smooth and even for me and was opaque with two coats.

It's super sparkly and shiny and much more holographic in person.

"Bright cornflower blue linear holographic with soft gold shimmer and scattered gold flakes"

Pahlish Mohair Suit (1)
Mohair Suit - Three thin coats.

Mohair Suit went on like a breeze for me. Two coats was a little sheer so I used three.
I recommend using two coats of topcoat to make it smooth. Some of the little micro flakies weren't laying flat for me.
This is just an awesome color! Great for people who need work friendly colors but still need some sparkle!

"Linear taupe holographic with soft red and violet flake shimmer"

Pahlish Switchblade and a Motorbike
Switchblade and a Motorbike - Two coats.

For I used 
Switchblade and a Motorbike I used two easy coats for full opacity.

Switchblade and a Motorbike is so perfect you guys! The shimmer in it is stunning!
Really strong shimmer yet still super holo - and just so saturated. Again more holo in person!
 I definitely see staining potential in this though, so I would double down on basecoat to play it safe.

"Turquoise blue holographic with heavy gold shimmer"

Pahlish The Tune She Hums
The Tune She Hums - Three thin coats.

The Tune She Hums is sheer but it's completely opaque with three coats.
It's jellyish compared to the others. The formula is amazing, it just glides on effortlessly.

"Coral-pink holographic with violet-blue glassfleck shimmer"

Pahlish Whiskey from a Bottle of Wine
Whiskey from a Bottle of Wine - Three thin coats.

Whiskey from a Bottle of Wine is a little sheer but it builds up easily.
The formula was really smooth for me and applied perfectly.

"Soft lavender purple holographic with teal and bronze shimmer"

Pahlish Zero Hour; Nine AM
Zero Hour; Nine AM - Two coats.

Zero; Hour Nine AM is a super rich, saturated color. It is opaque in two easy coats.
The shimmer is really prominent in this one and makes it so sparkly!

"Peacock teal-green holographic with blue, green, and gold shimmer"


My camera seriously didn't capture these nearly as amazing as they are in person, I swear!
They all has gorgeous shimmers throughout then making them extra special  and gorgeous.
I think that all of these are doable with two coats except for The Tune She Hums.

I really love this collection, they are all more holo in person but I think my topcoat may be dulling them a little.
What is your go to topcoat for holographic polishes?

These are all stunning but 
Switchblade and a Motorbike and Zero; Hour Nine AM really blew me away!
They are so rich and just so perfect! But I love them all! I don't have many neutral holos so I'm really enjoying Mohair Suit!

This collection will be available for purchase Today at 7 PM CST on

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Pahlish Timeless Flight Collection

Are any of these calling out to you? Let me know below!
The March Duo will be available today too, I will post that soon!


  1. These holographic shades are amazing! I can't get enough of them so its always get to see them :)

  2. definitely need every single one of these!!

  3. These are so pretty! I am intrigued by that gray. So cool to see these polishes.

  4. There isn't a single one of these I'm not head over heels for!


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