Friday, May 16, 2014

Milani 2014 Gold Label Nail Lacquers - Swatches & Review

Hi guys! How are you all doing? What are you guys up to this weekend?
I'm still doing well, just trying to stay motivated with my health kick lately!
Not doing too shabby, 7 lbs down! And my belated Mother's Day gift will get here today!
It's an elliptical :D Not exactly a very fun gift but one I wanted really bad that will be really useful for us both.

Today's post is featuring the 2014 Milani Gold Label polishes!
You guys have probably already seen these a bunch and a long time ago,
but I swear I'm trying to catch up and stay motivated in all aspects right now! :)

Milani Showy Sea-Green
Showy Sea-Green - Two coats.

Milani Popping Pink
Popping Pink - Three coats.

Milani Splendid Strawberry
Splendid Strawberry - Three coats.

Milani Colorful Coral
Colorful Coral - Three coats.

Milani Vivid Violet
Vivid Violet - Two coats.

Milani Powerful Periwinkle
Powerful Periwinkle - Two coats.

Milani Sugar Coated (1)
Sugar Coated - One coat over Milani Blue Zoom.

Milani Sugar Coated (2)
Sugar Coated - One coat over Milani Showy Sea-Green.

Milani Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush - One coat over Milani Canyon Country.

Milani Sugar Burst
Sugar Burst - One coat over Milani Heather.

Milani Sugar High
Sugar High - One coat over a gradient made with Showy Sea-Green, Aqua Brisk, and Power Periwinkle.

Milani Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane - One coat over Milani Vivid Violet.

Milani Sugar Rim (2)
Sugar Rim - One coat over Milani Power Periwinkle.

Milani Sugar Rim (3) Milani Sugar Rim Matte
Sugar Rim - One coat over Milani Peach Innocence, topcoated and mattified!


I love the cremes in this collection so much! Since I use very thin coats a few needed a third coat.
But I think that they are definitely do able with two thicker coats.

I like all of the glitters with the exception of Sugar Cane. I can get behind bar glitter on occasion but...
This polish just doesn't do it for me. Sugar Rush is a little sparser than I'd prefer but I love the glitter combo in it.
The rest had really great coverage and dispersed really well.

My favorites are Colorful Coral, Splendid Strawberry and Sugar Rush!
The glitters aren't anything to go crazy over but they are nice.

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Milani Gradient with Showy Sea-Green Aqua Brisk and Power Periwinkle
Here is a picture of the gradient that is under Sugar High above.
 I just love how this gradient came out so much, It was even prettier in person!

Milani 2014 Gold Label Nail Lacquer (1)

Milani 2014 Gold Label Nail Lacquer (2)

Are you guys digging any of these shades? I love the cremes so much, they are so bright and summery!


  1. I'm not really feeling any of those glitters, but the green and periwinkle are rather amazing! Love your gradient as well!

  2. I love the cremes in this collection too! There gorgeous.. Some of the glitters are fun too especially the ones with the smaller pieces in it.

  3. Your swatches are perfect!! That gradient is amazing, I love glitter gradients. My favourites here have to be colorful coral and powerful periwinkle!! :)

  4. Sugar Coated is my favorite! I love the stark contrast with the blue base coat. Great job pairing the colors!!


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